Associate Professor in Pharmacy Practice Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Ireland

Job description:
Job Title: Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice Reporting To: Head, School of Pharmacy Location: St Stephen’s Green campus School: Pharmacy Contract type/duration: Full time (permanent)

1.1 Objective of this post:

The principal objectives of the post are

To provide leadership and collaboration in pharmacy practice (clinical pharmacy and pharmacy education)
 To contribute to the design, delivery and assessment of our educational programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels
 To further develop our relationships with our academic and clinical partners.
Specific Responsibilities include:
 Leading and contributing to the ongoing development and implementation of the strategy for pharmacy practice research
 Securing funding so as to sustain a research group of postgraduate students and other research staff, with resultant publications in journals of high quality/impact
 Fostering and growing clinical -academia interactions with priority to our established network of community pharmacies (through our management of the National Pharmacy Internship Programme), hospitals within the RCSI Hospital Group and our other established partnership hospitals including the Beacon Hospital, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Peamount Healthcare and St John of God Hospital (Stillorgan)
 Supervising undergraduate students and postgraduate students at Masters, MD and PhD level
 Preparing, delivering and assessing clinical pharmacy content in the undergraduate and post-graduate programmes
 Participating in the implementation of the Learning & Teaching Strategy of the Master of Pharmacy Programme including the effective use of technology-enhanced learning
 Designing, delivering, assessing and evaluating interprofessional education activities across the Schools of Pharmacy, Medicine (including the Graduate Entry Medicine programme), Physiotherapy and Nursing & Midwifery
 Participating in the implementation of the Assessment Strategy of the Master of Pharmacy Programme including participation in blueprinting, standard setting and the running of Objective Structured Clinical


 Interacting where appropriate with the Affiliation for Pharmacy Practice Experiential Learning (APPEL)
 Coordinating with the School Operations Team and the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Student Academic and Regulatory Affairs (SARA) in general and curricular administration
 Discharging of administrative responsibilities including module leadership
 Participating in cross-functional teams
 Acting as a personal tutor
 Contributing to quality assurance/quality improvement and professional accreditation (national and international) of our programmes
 Undergoing programmes of training and development as may be required
 Undertaking overseas assignments as may be required from time to time
 Promoting the best interests of the School and RCSI at all times
 Performing such other related duties as may be required

1.2 Person Specification Essential:

 Has a doctoral qualification in a relevant discipline
 Internationally competitive research record, as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications in journals of high quality/impact and grant support
 Strong teaching interest and skill set, as evidenced by experience of, a proven track record in, and enthusiasm for undergraduate teaching and assessment in clinical pharmacy
 Can build and maintain strong working relationships
 Has excellent communication skills
 The successful candidates core values and behaviours should demonstrate:

General Competencies Leadership competencies

Student and customer service Vision
Scholarship and excellence Leadership and respect
Collegiality and professionalism People Development
Innovation and flexibility Student and customer service

Planning and organising Excellence and Scholarship

1.3 Person Specification Desirable:
 Eligibility to be registered as a pharmacist
 Strong commitment to own personal and professional development
 Has excellent time-management skills in order to effectively progress across all three domains of responsibilities (teaching, research and service)
 Has a proven ability for both independent and team work

1.4 The Process:

Interview and presentation
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a formal competence-based interview and a panel-based presentation at our main campus at RCSI Dublin which will most likely be on the week commencing 12th of February 2018

1.5 Particulars of Post
This post is a full time permanent position. The appointee will report to the Head of School or nominee.
The remuneration will be within the following salary ranges:
o Associate professor: €92,857.00-€122,156.00
If this recruitment campaigns identifies a candidate who is not at the required level for appointment at Associate Professor but is at the right level for appointment at Senior Lectureship the appointment may be made at Senior Lectureship. The remuneration for Senior Lectureship will be within the following salary range:
o Senior lecturer: €75, 975-€98,235

1.6 Informal Enquiries

Informal enquiries are invited in the first instance through Maggie Walshe, Human Resources Department on 01 402 2287 (email: All applications for this post must be made through the careers webpage www.rcsi/careers. Maggie can arrange for relevant queries on the academic aspects of the role to be addressed by the Head of School (Professor Paul Gallagher)
Closing Date for Applications: 31st of January 2018

About RCSI

RCSI has been at the forefront of educating healthcare professionals since 1784 when we were founded as the national training and professional body for surgery. Today we are Ireland’s only focused health sciences institution, Ireland’s largest medical school and one of the leading health sciences institutions in the world.
As an independent degree-awarding institution, we chart our own course, developing healthcare leaders capable of delivering the very best patient care and conducting innovative research to yield improvements in patient outcomes. We house numerous national healthcare professional centres across national audit, clinical and systems research, surgical policy, healthcare leadership, quality management and continuous healthcare professional development.

Our healthcare focus for over 200 years in the shaping and delivery of excellence in patient care permeates our approach to teaching with an obsession to develop rounded, clinically distinguished healthcare leaders who make a difference worldwide. Based in Dublin, with students from over 80 countries and four overseas campuses, RCSI has a global reach through our network of Alumni in 97 countries. RCSI ranks among the top 2% of universities in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 and has been placed joint second out of the nine institutions in the Republic of Ireland included in the rankings.
RCSI holds a distinctive position in the Irish Higher Education landscape with a number of unique attributes:
 A singular focus on healthcare education and research.

 An unrivalled international presence in healthcare education.
 A long-standing engagement in life-long learning, as the national agency traditionally responsible for surgical and other postgraduate specialty training, and more recently of Pharmacy in association with the Irish Institute of Pharmacy which is based alongside its city centre campus.
 A strong record of innovation in teaching and learning, focused on a high quality student experience.
 A distinctively entrepreneurial culture, by virtue of being self-sufficient in an international marketplace, and as a not-for-profit organisation, with minimal dependence on the State.

2.1 Campuses

Graduates of medicine across all of RCSI’s campuses complete rigorously evaluated programmes that allow for a common degree award of the National University of Ireland.
 In Dublin there are over 3,000 students from approximately 50 countries, and approximately 900 staff. RCSI is based in the heart of Dublin city.
 In Bahrain, the College established a medical university - the RCSI Medical University of Bahrain (MUB) – in 2004. It provides a full spectrum of undergraduate courses in Medicine and Nursing, and postgraduate studies in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership to over 1,200 students annually.
 In Dubai RCSI’s Institute of Leadership run postgraduate courses in healthcare management and leadership for experienced healthcare professional staff.
 In Malaysia, RCSI runs Penang Medical College in association with University College Dublin, since 1995. This is a ‘twinning’ model where mostly Malaysian medical students complete the first half of their training in Ireland and then return to complete their studies in Penang, to an Irish curriculum. To-date, over 1,400 medical students have graduated from this programme.
 From 2011, RCSI extended its long-standing educational involvement with Malaysia when it established an undergraduate medical programme in Kuala Lumpur, as a partner to a new public-private partnership university - Perdana University. The first group of students, availing of the RCSI curriculum and RCSI specialist academic staff members, commenced in Autumn 2011 and qualified as RCSI graduates in 2016.

2.2 RCSI Today
New Academic & Education Building No. 26 York Street RCSI’s new €80m medical education building, No.26 York Street, represents our vision for a world-class educational facility that will put RCSI at the global forefront of innovation in healthcare education and training. The RCSI campus has formed part of the streetscape of Dublin for over 230 years and now our new building at No. 26 York Street that opened in September 2017 will provide an emotionally rich educational experience for students and surgeons alike. It will facilitate the development of core technical and non-technical skills in a safe, simulated environment, allowing early clinical education to be delivered away from the patient’s bedside and offering trainees the opportunity to learn safe surgical practice and develop operative skills in our new surgical training suite with a mock operating theatre, and clinical training wards. This state-of-the-art facility, over 10 floors – six above ground and four below will provide medical students, surgical trainees and staff with modern cutting-edge facilities that will promote the development of the RCSI community at the heart of the city. As well as being the home of the new National Surgical & Clinical Centre, No.26 York Street also includes a 540-seat auditorium, a library spanning three floors with 500 study spaces, a sports hall and fitness suite, and has been designed to be both energy efficient and environmentally responsible.
Undergraduate Education The School of Pharmacy is based on St Stephen's Green, Dublin at the heart of the capital city. The School is currently in an exciting phase of growth, with a new integrated five-year Master of Pharmacy programme which commenced in September 2015 and increasing student numbers. The integrated MPharm implements the most innovative and progressive teaching, in conjunction with clinical experience and dynamic research opportunities. In order to support this vision we have, over recent years, established relationships with a range of clinical and educational partners. The MPharm programme is accredited to date by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) and is recognised by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (PBM).

Postgraduate Training
RCSI delivers postgraduate education and professional training through the School of Postgraduate Studies, the Institute of Leadership and the School of Nursing and Midwifery; through its Faculties of Radiology, Dentistry, Nursing, and Sports & Exercise Medicine; and through the National Surgical Training Centre. Postgraduate degrees provided include taught master programmes such as Healthcare Ethics and Law, Surgery, Nursing and Quality and Safety in Healthcare. It also provides research-focused MDs and PhDs, with many of the doctoral students working through structured PhD programmes in Biomedical Sciences and Population & Health Services Research ( and RCSI provides the national training programmes for specialties such as Surgery and Radiology. It also provides opportunities for continuous professional development and for meeting on-going professional and regulator training needs. RCSI’s unique portfolio of involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate health professional education and training means that aspects pertinent to one part of the professional career can be matched to aspects in another (e.g. targeting early training to clinical and academic needs of later aspects of careers).

Research Institute

The RCSI Research Institute is one of Ireland’s foremost research centres. RCSI is committed to performing high levels of research activity, commercialising intellectual property arising from its research, and developing collaborative links with industry, educational and research institutions both nationally and internationally. Reflecting its unique healthcare focus, its research theme is Translational Health Research: - “from bench to bedside to population” (Office of Research and Innovation: Research Strategy: RCSI built Ireland’s first hospital campus Clinical Research Centre in 2000, alongside Beaumont Hospital, its main teaching hospital in Dublin. This supports RCSIs translational focus, and provides ready opportunities for clinician-based research studies.
StAR Programme

RCSI's Strategic Academic Recruitment (StAR) Programme is an ambitious initiative to accelerate the delivery of innovative, impactful research in the health sciences across a range of ground-breaking work including the creation of novel medical devices and the development of new therapeutics and new diagnostic tests. Backed by significant investment (€50 million over 5 years) commencing 2015, to recruit over 50 high achieving early and mid-career academics and research personnel and to support their establishment plans, our ultimate objective is to transfer impactful research discoveries more quickly to clinical practice for the benefit of patients (
Our objective is to recruit outstanding candidates in research areas where RCSI has proven strengths. Recognising the pivotal role of research in extending the frontiers of innovative healthcare, RCSI prioritises the nurturing of research talent through the commitment of a wealth of resources, all focused on a collegial academic and teaching environment that encourages each RCSI researcher to develop and grow.

2.3 RCSI Strategic Priorities  EXCELLENCE in Education: to be a recognised leader in teaching and learning in the health professions; incorporating best practice and the latest technologies and methods in how we educate our students;

 LEADERSHIP in International Medical Education:
To grow internationally by expanding our international presence and the offerings we provide overseas, by increasing the intake of international students to Ireland and by attracting students from new geographies;
 IMPACTFUL Research and Innovation in Health Sciences and Education:
To continually build our research capability and optimise our research performance;
 ENHANCED Organisational Capabilities: to ensure that our people, internal processes and capabilities, and infrastructure are best in class, operationally excellent, and are capable of supporting and enabling the delivery of our overall strategy;
 STRONG Strategic Partnerships: to develop further and leverage the relationships we have with our internal and external partners and stakeholders so that we can grow, achieve more, and continue to deliver excellence in education and research;
2.4 RCSI Mission
“To educate, nurture and discover for the benefit of human health”:
 “To educate” The primary function of RCSI is to empower and facilitate its students, to optimise their futures as healthcare professionals and scientists. ("The central task of education is to implant a will and facility for learning; it should produce not learned but learning people" ~Eric Hoffer)
 “nurture” RCSI aims to do more for its students than impart knowledge. We aim to care for, encourage, challenge and motivate them to realise their full potential.
8 | P a g e
 “and discover” RCSI’s aspiration is to deliver impact in research which, coupled with education, is at the core of RCSI activities.
 “for the benefit of human health” The end beneficiary of the College’s work in education and research are people and patients everywhere. The term “human health” is all-encompassing and sufficiently conveys RCSI’s aspiration to advance healthcare provision not just at its bases nationally but also globally through its graduates and its research.

2.5 RCSI Vision

“To be recognised internationally as a leading centre for professional education, research and innovation in healthcare”:
 “recognised internationally” RCSI’s ambition is to be a globally identifiable respected brand by its peers in third level education, its clinical partners and employers of its graduates and prospective students
 “a leading centre” RCSI aims to be synonymous with excellence as measured by the strength of student demand, the quality of its graduates and the impact of its research
 “for professional education, research and innovation in healthcare” RCSI curricula are outcome focussed. Graduates are ready to perform to the highest professional standards and RCSI research is impactful – achieving high levels of citations by others.
2.6 RCSI Values
RCSI’s shared values will be reflected in all College policies and procedures, to create an environment of trust and mutual understanding. The core RCSI values are:
 Respect – we commit to transparency, integrity and respect for all persons who engage with RCSI - students, staff, patients and the general public.
 Collegiality – we provide a nurturing, social and inclusive community conducive to collaboration, and development.
 Scholarship – we provide a stimulating and challenging environment that promotes excellence in teaching and learning.
 Innovation – we foster a culture of discovery to create research with impact and an entrepreneurial energy, balanced with disciplined financial stewardship to secure our independence

2.7 Governance Structure

RCSI is governed by a Council and College Board. It is an independent degree-awarding institution, a surgical Royal College and Professional Training Body - two high-level boards govern these domains of activity in parallel (as depicted below):
 The Medicine & Health Sciences Board (MHSB) is the governing body responsible for all degree-awarding educational activities of RCSI;
 The Surgery & Postgraduate Faculties Board (SPFB) is the governing body responsible for the postgraduate training, competence assurance and professional examination activities of RCSI;

Figure 1: Academic Governance – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
RCSI is led by a Senior Management Team, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and comprises of the Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Director of Surgical Affairs, Managing Director of Healthcare Management Institute, Managing Director of Surgical Affairs, Director of Research and Innovation, Director of Finance, Director of Corporate Strategy, Director of Human Resources, Director of Development. Operational management is conducted through a series of management meetings and working groups. The current Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Executive is chaired by the Dean.
In expanding our degree-related activities, we applied and achieved independent degree awarding status from the Irish Department of Education & Skills in 2010. The Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS) oversees this degree-awarding activity.


Medicine & Health Sciences Board
Surgery & Postgraduate Faculties Board
Faculty of Dentistry
Department of Surgical Affairs
Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
Faculty of Radiology
Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine
Committee for Surgical Affairs
Faculty Board
Faculty Board
Faculty Board
Faculty Board
School of Medicine
School of Nursing & Midwifery
School of Pharmacy
School of Physiotherapy
Institute of Leadership
Academic Departments
Student Academic & Regulatory Affairs
Health Professions Education Centre
Academic Council
Quality Committee
School of Postgraduate Studies
Sub-Committees and
Working Groups
Finance Committee
Audit Committee
Governance Committee
College Board

Note: This Job Description may be subject to change to reflect the evolving requirements of the Department and RCSI in developing healthcare leaders who make a difference worldwide.
RCSI is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or race.
Similar vacancies that arise in the next 6 months may be filled from the pool of applicants that apply for this position.

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