Associate Senior Lecturer in Mathematical / Computational Systems Biology
Orebro University

Associate Senior Lecturer in Mathematical/Computational Systems Biology

 Fixed-term position
 Full time
 The application deadline is 2020-11-29

Ref no: ORU 2.1.1- 05135/2020

The School of Medical Sciences is seeking an associate senior lecturer in Mathematical/Computational Systems Biology for a period of 4-6 years, to acquire further qualifications in both research and teaching, making you eligible for promotion to the position of senior lecturer.

Subject area

The position is in Biomedicine.


This position is a unique opportunity to become a central part of the building of a large and well-funded center X-HiDE; aiming at using a systems biology approach to investigate inflammatory mechanisms. The position is tenure-track, and is thus an excellent position for junior researchers, who want to establish a long-term research platform:

The project will build and investigate mathematical and mechanistic models of inflammatory processes on various scales, based on dynamical data produced from in vitro models and connected to large-scale clinical data and OMICs data. The focus is on mathematical multi-level modeling, which systematically tests mechanisms for subsystems and then assembles these into larger models to represent an overall systems view, eligible for further investigation regarding the role of inflammation in common diseases. Towards translating these findings for clinical application, hybrid modeling approaches will be followed.

This project is hosted by the Inflammatory Response and Infection Susceptibility Center (iRiSC) at Örebro University (, which, together with the Functional Bioinformatics group, will be the main affiliation for the position. The project is transdisciplinary and includes academic partners located at Linköping University, Sweden, and at Rostock University, Germany but also major industrial partners, e.g. AstraZeneca in Gothenburg and Wolfram MathCore in Linköping. As part of the project, the position offers the possibility and is encouraged to spend shorter or longer times at any of these sites.

Örebro University is one of the most expansive universities in Sweden, and was most recently placed as number 75 when Times Higher Education ranked the young universities in the world, and as number 30 when looking at the citation rate per se:

Duties and responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities involve research, teaching and collaboration. During the period of employment, the associate senior lecturer shall develop his/her autonomy as a researcher, and acquire further qualifications in terms of both research/artistic skills and teaching skills to meet the criteria for a position as a senior lecturer. The position shall also contribute to the University’s development.

Specifically, the applicant will be responsible for developing and investigating dynamical mathematical models based on experimental data available within X-HiDE; data relevant for a variety of mechanisms at different scales of inflammation. The applicant will engage in tight discussion for hypothesis development, model specification and adaptation, as well as generation of model predictions in close collaboration with experimentally working biomedical researchers and clinicians. The associate senior lecturer will further develop courses and teach on masters and PhD level.


Those qualified for appointment as an associate senior lecturer are candidates, who have been awarded a doctoral degree in physics, computer science, applied statistics, applied mathematics or in related subject areas, with close relation to medical or life sciences. Priority is be given to candidates, who have been awarded their doctoral degree or acquired the corresponding competence no more than five years before the application deadline. Candidates who have obtained their doctoral degree prior to that should also be considered, if special grounds exist. Such grounds may comprise leave of absence due to illness, parental leave, or other similar circumstances.

Assessment criteria

In assessing whether an applicant is qualified for the appointment as associate senior lecturer, the extent to which his or her skills and expertise correspond to the eligibility requirements will be evaluated. The applicant’s research expertise shall be demonstrated through independent research contributions. The educational expertise and qualifications shall be well-documented and accounted for in a teaching portfolio.

We welcome personal skills and abilities, such as an ability to cooperate, power of initiative, as well as an interest in course development and educational development work.

Experience of mathematical and mechanistic modelling techniques is crucial, preferably within systems biology or related areas, where analysis of dynamical models is of importance. The applicant should also have documented experience with data analysis in the (bio)medical fields. Previous research within dynamical mathematical and mechanistic model analysis in the life sciences is preferred. The most important methodological merit is to have a strong background in mechanistic data-driven modelling. Other additional merits include network-based bioinformatics modelling, machine learning, and other related techniques. Since the project will be conducted in close collaborations with other professions and non-academic partners, a cooperative mindset is of great importance. The applicant should also be highly organized, able to meet deadlines, have a clear sense of responsibility, and be goal oriented.

The duties require very good communicative skills, both in writing and in speech, in English; a request that is mandatory.

Promotion to senior lecturer

An associate senior lecturer shall, on application, be promoted to senior lecturer if they meet the criteria set out in the Appointment Procedures for Örebro University that were in force when the position was taken up.

On the examination of applications for promotion to senior lecturer, teaching and research expertise will be given equal attention. The candidate shall have completed courses on teaching and learning in higher education to the degree required for eligibility as a senior lecturer. Good communicative skills in Swedish, in speech and in writing, at such a level that is necessary for the candidate to be able to perform frequent duties and responsibilities within research, teaching and administration are also required. 

The application for promotion to a position as senior lecturer, shall be submitted to the faculty no later than 6 months before the position as an associate senior lecturer reaches the end of its term. Such a promotion will entail employment until further notice as a senior lecturer.


The position as associate senior lecturer is for a fixed term of 4-6 years (the exact term will be determined in connection with employment). The contract may be renewed, for a maximum of two years, if, due to the associate senior lecturer’s sick leave, parental leave, or other special grounds, more time is required for the aim of the employment to be fulfilled. The salary depends on the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience.

For more information, please contact professors Dirk Repsilber +46(0)19301256 ( or Eva Särndahl, +46(0)19303684 (, or Dr. Robert Kruse +46(0)19303000 (

Örebro University actively pursues an equal work environment and values the qualities that diversity adds to our operations.


The application is made online. Click the button “Apply” to begin the application procedure.

For the application to be complete, the following electronic documents must be included:

  • A covering letter, outlining how you believe you can contribute to the continued development of Örebro University
  • CV with a relevant description of your overall qualifications and experience
  • Teaching portfolio (as instructed in Örebro University’s guidelines)
  • Research portfolio
  • Complete list of scientific publications (indicating the 10 most relevant)
  • Complete copies (PDF) of the 10 most relevant publications
  • Copies of relevant course/degree certificates and references verifying eligibility and criteria met

Only documents written in Swedish, English, Norwegian or Danish can be reviewed.

The application deadline is November 29th 2020. We look forward to receiving your application!

After the application deadline has expired, no supplements can be made electronically. Applicants will at a later stage receive instructions on supplementing their application for the external experts. Such a supplement is however limited to any scientific publications that cannot be attached electronically to the application.

We decline any contact with advertisers or recruitment agencies in the recruitment process.

As directed by the National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet), Örebro University is required to deposit one file copy of the application documents, excluding publications, for a period of two years after the appointment decision has gained legal force.

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