Cooperative Instructor for Department of Nephrology in Peking University First Hospital
Peking University First Hospital Department of Nephrology

Peking University First Hospital (referred to as “Peking University Hospital”) was founded in 1915. It is the earliest national hospital established in China. It is a large-scale comprehensive tertiary hospital with medical, teaching, scientific research and prevention.

The hospital has 36 clinical departments, 16 medical technology departments, and 6 research institutes. As a first-class medical center in China, the hospital has 19 clinical key specialist projects of the National Health and Health Commission, and the national key disciplines lead units and participating units. 12 and national drug clinical research bases.

The hospital pays attention to building a sustainable development talent team, bringing together academicians from both academies, the “Millions of Plan” technology innovation leader, the “Million Plan” youth top talent, the “Changjiang Scholars Award Program” special professor, and the “Yangtze Scholar Award Program”. Young Scholars, National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth Fund Winners, National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth Fund Winners, Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Innovation Leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education, Capital Science and Technology Leaders, Beijing Science and Technology A large number of outstanding talents including the New Star program.

Cooperation tutor


Yang Li, Ph.D., Faculty of Medicine, Peking University. She has been working in the First Hospital of Peking University since graduation. She is currently the Chief Physician, Professor and Associate Dean of Research. National Natural Science Foundation "Jie Qing", National People's Plan "Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Innovation Leaders", China Youth Science and Technology Awards Special Award, China Young Women Scientist Awards, etc., winners in Lancet, Nature Medicine , J Clin Invest, etc. The core journal published 40 SCI papers.

research direction

Pathogenesis and early prevention of acute kidney injury

Number of recruits

1 person

Job Responsibilities

Engaged in kidney regeneration and related kidney organ research

Application conditions

Good health, good ideological and moral quality, strong scientific research, clinical, innovative ability and teamwork awareness;
Graduates of relevant professional doctors, who have obtained a doctoral degree of no more than 2 years and are not more than 35 years old;
During his studies, the Ph.D. was published as one of the first authors in the journals included in the SCI or was officially accepted as one of the main participants (ranked in the top three) and obtained one provincial and ministerial level research project;
After systematic research and training, he has the ability to independently design experimental research, and is proficient in experimental techniques such as cell biology, molecular biology, and model animals. Those with relevant research backgrounds are preferred.
Job treatment

Post-doctoral enjoys employee benefits.

Salary and welfare: The annual income of ordinary full-time post-doctoral tax is about 210,000 yuan (including unit provident fund), and social insurance and provident fund are paid according to the relevant regulations of the state and schools.
Housing: After the post-doctoral period, you can apply for the North Medical Post-doctoral apartment according to the time of the station, and rent the apartment to pay the rent according to the market price.
Fund application: Encourage post-doctoral applications for various research funds or incentive funds, such as the “Boxin Project” and the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.
Application procedure

Resume delivery: Our official recruitment website path: our official website ( → public entrance → join us → Peking University First Hospital recruitment system → postdoctoral recruitment, or directly click on the website http: / / .
Interview: Comprehensively review the candidate materials and select an excellent interview. The post-doctoral stop time is January, April , July, and October of each year. Please ask the candidate to arrange the time reasonably.
Pit stop: According to the relevant regulations of the North Medical University and the hospital, the check-in procedures are carried out on schedule.
Application materials

Personalized standard electronic resume (recruitment system)

Contact information
010-83575446 Feng teacher
Release date
Valid until full

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