Post Doctoral or Special Associate Researcher
University of Science and Technology of China

Order to further strengthen the needs of academic offices, the China University of Science and Technology Museum and the Department of Science, Technology and Archaeology have jointly recruited postdoctoral or special associate researchers. Where the appointment who are all history of science and Technology Department of Archeology double recruits to fully participate in the department 's various academic activities .

I. Recruitment positions and quantity

1. Post setting: postdoctoral or special associate researcher.

2, the number of recruits: 2019 plan to recruit 5 people.

Second, the research direction

Any research related to museum studies, as long as there are innovative ideas, research projects worthy of support, will be the object of investigation. In the near future, we will focus on the following five directions (not limited to this):

1 research on the subject history of mathematics, chemistry, chemical engineering, engineering and other majors;

2 scientific instrument history research;

3 research on the history of science and technology characters;

4 Museum Management Innovation Research

5 Exhibition Design Innovation Research

Third, recruitment conditions

1. Has a good ideological and political quality, strict academic study, a good academic style, a team spirit, and physical and mental health.

2. Strong academic research interest and strong independent research ability. Love scientific research and museum business.

3. Apply for the latter, and obtain a doctoral degree from a well-known university at home and abroad for no more than 3 years, and the age is not more than 35 years old;

4. Apply for a special associate researcher, obtain a doctoral degree of no more than 5 years, and have more than 2 years of postdoctoral research experience at a well-known university at home and abroad. A well-known foreign university graduated with a doctoral degree and outstanding academic performance. It does not require post-Bao research experience and can apply directly for this position. The age is not more than 40 years old.

5. Commit to working in school at all times.

Third, generous salary and living conditions

1. According to the relevant policies of the school, the basic annual salary for the post-doctoral period is 140,000 yuan (including Hefei City's five insurances and one gold). At the same time, it is recommended for outstanding scholars to apply for the school's "Mozi Outstanding Youth Allowance". The annual salary for the first-class subsidy can reach 340,000 yuan, and the annual salary for the second-class subsidy can reach 240,000 yuan;

2. According to the relevant policies of the school, provide a basic annual salary of 160,000 yuan for the special associate researcher (including Hefei City's five insurance and one gold). At the same time, it is recommended for outstanding scholars to declare the school "Mozi outstanding youth allowance." The annual salary for the first-class subsidy can reach 360,000 yuan, and the second-class subsidy can reach 260,000 yuan.

3. You can rent a school swing house, or enjoy 12,000 yuan / year rental subsidy

4. Minor children will enter the HKUST affiliated kindergarten, attached to the small and attached high school, and will be exempted from sponsorship fees. The kindergarten provides children with a "three meals a day" (three meals in the morning, middle and late, and a snack in the afternoon) to avoid the worries of the family.

5. Those who are outstanding in the post-doctoral examination may apply for the position of special associate researcher.

6. If the special associate researcher has completed the examination, he may apply for the position of a fixed associate professor.

Fourth, the appointment period, assessment and reward

1. Employment time:

1 Postdoctoral: The term of employment is implemented in accordance with the relevant post-doctoral policies of the state. The term of the contract is not more than 3 years. If you leave the station before the end of the term, the term is terminated early. The first appointment can be renewed according to the needs of the job.

2 Special Associate Researcher: The maximum contract period is up to 3 years. The first appointment can be renewed once.

2. Assessment methods and rewards: During the employment period, special annual assessments and expiration of appointments will be conducted. Those who have outstanding annual assessments (about 30% of all assessment staff) will receive a salary increase of 40,000/year; those with excellent annual assessment (about 5% of all assessment staff) will receive a one-time reward of 100,000 yuan.

V. Application materials

1. Personal resume (including date of birth, birthplace, recent photos, resume from the undergraduate course, work resume, research directions and topics, undertaken research projects and catalogues of all academic achievements, etc.).

2. 2-4 representative academic papers (electronic version), or other materials that demonstrate academic standards.

3. A copy of the ID card, academic degree certificate and various award certificates.

4. Research plan (detailed research topics and research plans to be carried out after the pit stop, not less than 2,000 words).

5. Three letters of recommendation from well-known experts (including a letter from a doctoral tutor).

6. Submit the corresponding materials after the primary election according to the requirements of the post-doctoral application process of the Chinese University of Science and Technology.

Six, recruitment time and process

1. Recruitment time: Receive the application materials from the date of the announcement, until the time of recruitment.

2. Recruitment process:

1 primary election. Review the application materials and select candidates who meet the requirements for the application;

2 Interview. Interview the candidate at the right time and choose the best.

3 Go through the pit stop or entry procedures. Fill in the materials according to the relevant workflow of China University of Science and Technology, and go through the pit stop or entry procedures.

Seven, the application method

Candidates should send the application materials to the next email address , please indicate the “name of the job applicant” in the email header. Those who pass the preliminary examination will arrange an interview in time. Any questions are welcome to call us.

Contact: Teacher Wang,, 0551-63606682

Young scholars who meet the recruitment requirements are welcome to apply as soon as possible!

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