Postdoctoral Recruitment of the Group of Coordinating Tutors of the Institute of Systems Biomedicine
Peking University First Hospital Research Institute

Postdoctoral Recruitment of the Group of Coordinating Tutors of the Institute of Systems Biomedicine, Peking University School of Basic Medical Sciences

Unit introduction

The predecessor of the Peking University School of Basic Medicine was the Department of Basic Medicine of the Beijing Medical College (the Ministry of Basics), which was established on September 14, 1954 . In February 1960, it was renamed the Department of Basic Medicine. After the establishment of Beijing Medical University in May 1985, it was officially renamed as the Basic Medical College. After the merger of Peking University and Beijing Medical University in April 2000, it was renamed Peking University School of Basic Medicine. The Basic Medical School now has 14 departments, 2 research institutes and 1 medical experiment teaching center. It has two first-level disciplines (including 12 secondary disciplines) authorized by two doctoral degrees of "Biology" and "Basic Medicine", and has one secondary discipline of "Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine" and seven national key secondary disciplines. A key first-level discipline in Beijing, two post-doctoral mobile stations, four provincial (ministerial) key laboratories, and a number of scientific research bases and experimental technology platforms with international advanced levels. Peking University Institute of Systems Biomedicine is a biomedical research institute established in June 2010. It covers biology, basic medicine, pharmacy, clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, bioinformatics, etc. It is a collection of research, education, development and service. A new scientific research institution. The development goals are: vigorously promote the combination of basic research and clinical medicine, promote research and drug innovation of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, cross-disciplinate and promote each other, build a national-level research base with world-class level, and cultivate multidisciplinary talents. Promote the development of disciplines and promote the leading role of China's biology, medicine, and Chinese medicine.

Cooperation tutor


Zhong Chao, male, doctor. He graduated from the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (instructor: Professor Fan Zusen) and then went to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for postdoctoral research (cooperative instructor: Dr. Jinfang Zhu , NIH Senior Investigator). He is currently a researcher and doctoral supervisor at the Institute of Systems Biomedical Sciences, Peking University School of Basic Medicine. It mainly studies the role and molecular mechanism of ILC cells in immune regulation and immune response in tissues and organs. Related work has been published in journals such as Immunity , Nature Immunology , and Journal of Experimental Medicine .

research direction

1. The role of ILC cells in the immune response of tissues and organs;

2. Transcriptional regulation and epigenetic regulation of ILC cells.

Number of recruits

1 to 2

Job Responsibilities

Immunology, molecular biology experiment

Application conditions

1. Doctoral students with immunological, molecular biology, and cell biology backgrounds, with experimental experience such as ChIP-Seq and ATAC-Seq, and who can independently perform related operations;

2, already have or are about to get a doctorate, love of research, there is the urge of self-motivation, good health, 35 years of age, graduates priority;

3 , with excellent research and innovation, good at teamwork, communication, and good English writing and communication skills;

Job treatment

Post-doctoral enjoys employee benefits.

Peking University Medical Department has excellent disciplines, faculty resources and scientific research platforms. In recent years, it has expanded its funding channels, increased quotas, and greatly improved post-doctoral treatment. By strengthening process management and evaluation, it encourages post-doctoral students to produce outstanding results.

1. Salary and welfare: The annual income of the general full-time post-doctoral tax is about 210,000 yuan (including the unit provident fund), and the annual income before the tax of Dr. Boya is about 270,000 yuan (including the unit provident fund); the cooperative tutor will pay the project remuneration for the outstanding postdoc.

Pay social insurance and provident fund in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state and the school.

2, Housing: post-doctoral stint in accordance with the time line can apply for postdoctoral apartments, public rental apartment by paying rent at market price.

3. Application for various funds: Encourage post-doctoral applications for various research funds or incentive funds. Such as the country's Xiangjiang Scholar Program, Sino-German Program, International Exchange Program (including introduction projects, dispatch projects and academic exchange programs), "Bo Xin Project" and the National Natural Science Foundation, China Postdoctoral Science Fund.

Application procedure

1. Applicants should send their resume and relevant supporting materials to: , please indicate “post-doctoral application + name”.

2. Comprehensively examine the candidate materials and select an excellent interview. The post-doctoral time of the North Medical Doctor is generally in January, April, July, and October each year. Please pay attention to the appointment time.

3. Follow the procedures of the post-doctoral program of Peking University Medical School.

Application materials

1. Detailed resume, including personal education experience, research experience, award-winning experience, research papers.

2. Apply for two expert recommendation letters (including the recommendation letter from the doctoral tutor) after the blog.

Contact information
Release date
May 29, 2019
long term effective

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