Professor Zhang Shiyi's post Mortem Recruitment for Stem Cell Biology
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Institute

Professor Zhang Shiyi's post-mortem recruitment for stem cell biology
Zhang Shiyi special researcher, doctoral, doctoral tutor, has long been engaged in the research of new pharmaceutical preparations. Zhang Shiyi graduated from Peking University in 2008 with a Ph.D. degree from Prof. Karen Wooley, Associate Editor of JACS, and a postdoctoral fellow from the American Academy of Sciences, Professor Robert Langer. In the past five years, more than 10 papers have been published by leading authors such as Nature Materials, Science Translational Medicine, JACS, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Chemical Science, ACS Macro Letters, Macromolecules, Scientific Reports, etc. The rest. Among them, the long-term stay of stomach medicine researched at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was reported by many media and selected by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the homepage of the website. Applying for 10 international patents and successfully transferring 7 technologies, helped establish two biotechnology companies and advanced to the second phase of clinical.

At present, the research direction of the research group mainly focuses on unmet clinical needs. The main research directions include: 1. Targeting the pathogenesis of gastrointestinal side effects of anticancer drugs, and searching for pathological features and auxiliary drugs. Therapeutic targets; 2, the development of new drugs for type 2 diabetes; 3, the application of new nano drugs. A variety of topics have strong practical application value and high scientific novelty. Two projects for the targeted drug targeting anticancer drugs have entered the phase II of American clinical trials. At present, the research team has 4 post-doctors, 7 experimental technicians, 5 Bo, master students; the team atmosphere is good. Due to the needs of the project, we are looking for people of insight to join us.

Recruitment: Postdoctoral in the field of stem cell biology

Application conditions:

1. A Ph.D. in biology, medicine, pharmacy or related cross-cutting fields has been obtained or is about to be entered (with a resolution to enter the station);

2. With research experience in stem cell biology , biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, tumor biology, developmental biology, immunology, etc., firmly master molecular/cell biology and immunology experimental techniques. Research backgrounds related to stem cells and tissue repair, disease-related pluripotent stem cells , intestinal stem cells , and genomics are preferred;

3. Publish at least 1 English article in the relevant field;

4. Good academic ethics and teamwork spirit.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the completion of research on stem cell biology related topics.

2. Complete other work of the research group.

3. Work closely with other members of the team.

Post treatment:

1. The annual salary is 300,000 to 400,000 (including the post-doctoral standard treatment of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the reward part of the research group); the specific treatment is negotiable according to the applicant's conditions and actual work progress, up to 400,000 and the minimum of 300,000.

2. Publish all the bonuses generated by the paper. Relevant benefits and benefits from the transformation of intellectual property rights.

3. Encourage the declaration of appropriate talent projects and research funds, and participate in international cooperation and exchanges and project cooperation;

4. Encourage and assist in applying for the National Postdoctoral Innovation Program and the Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Program to encourage international cooperation and participation in international conferences.

5. Enjoy the post-doctoral housing subsidy of Shanghai Jiaotong University or apply for a post-doctoral apartment, and handle the settlement according to the Shanghai Postdoctoral Management Policy. And other post-doctoral related benefits prescribed by Shanghai Jiaotong University.

6. When the first employment period expires, if you have obtained excellent scientific research results and meet the teaching requirements of the school, you can be appointed as a formal teaching post after assessment.

How to apply:

Applicants should send their application materials (personal resume, personal contact information, study, work experience, introduction to the subject, a list of skilled experimental skills, a list of published papers) to the contact email: Cn .

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